How to Insure a Quality Installation of Epoxy

March 14, 2014

Epoxy Technical Support

By: Norm Lambert President and Technical Support Director

Your Successful Installation of Our Products is Our #1 goal.

When my wife Deb and I founded this company we made a promise to each other, our employees, and our customers to only provide high quality highly durable products, at an affordable cost, backed by the best technical support in the industry. Our company is a family owned company, large enough to fill any order given to us, but small enough to care about every order, even a single unit order.

Selecting the Right Epoxy Product for the Right Job

Technical support is where successful installations begin. Even the best products, at the best price are not the most affordable products if they are the wrong products for the job, or if they are installed incorrectly. Selecting the Right Product for the Right Job isn’t just a motto, it is a necessary part of a successful epoxy installation.

We look forward to your phone calls asking for our assistance in helping you select your product. We have decades of experience in our field, but you know your project the best. Together with what you know and what we know, we can find which of our products best suite your needs.

Once in a great while we have requests for which we don’t currently carry a product to successfully accomplish your goals. If we don’t have the Right Product for your job, we will also tell you that. It is the only way you can know that if we recommend a product from your description or specification, that it is the best one to suit your needs.

Dedicated Customer Service

Katey Fontaine, VP  and Chief Operations Officer and Director of Customer Service, is dedicated in doing everything she can to get your order taken quickly, and accurately. She then keeps track of the progress of each order to make sure that they get out of our facilities as quickly as possible and on to our customers who are eager to get started with their work.

Katey also works with the trucking companies that pick up the product and deliver it to you.  She has negotiated the best possible freight and ground rates so we can pass on the lowest possible shipping charges using the most reliable carriers.

Epoxy Installation Technical Support

Our technical support department’s job is just starting after you get our products in your hands.  We are dedicated to making sure that we answer all your questions clearly and accurately.  I WANT your follow up questions.  I have customers who are installing who apologize for contacting me with questions they feel are “trivial”, when in fact those questions might be the most important ones to ask for a successful high quality installation.

Our technical support staff each have decades of field and technical support experience. In most cases we have done something like, or very similar to what you are doing. So it makes it easy for us to understand your situation, and help your installation go as smoothly as possible.

The Ultimate Epoxy Selection, Ordering, and Installation Experience.

All of us here want to be sure you are delighted with your whole experience from your first phone call or email, until you are enjoying the benefits of of our products and your installation, for decades to come. We view your success as our success. Remember, your successful installation of our products is our #1 goal.

Proper mixing and installation is critical to the optimal success  of all product.  See  Installation Tips,Techdata, &MSDS for more details on our products.   Be sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you  have.For more information please contact: A Division of Epoxy Systems, Inc  20774 W. Pennsylvania Ave. Dunnellon, Florida 34431 Hundreds  of Systems, Since 1980 – Over 33 years Florida & Vermont USA

Epoxy Products used to Repair Plant and Shop Floors

November 7, 2012

Industrial Floor Maintenance with Epoxy

Preventing and Fixing Deteriorating Floor Joints and Potholes

It is said that there are two types of concrete floors, those with cracks and those that are going to crack. Cracks and potholes in plant and shop floors are a major problem to safety and aesthetics. Here we will discuss what causes them. We will also discuss how to repair them quickly and economically. For those floors that have not cracked we will discuss how to minimize or prevent the cracking and potholes.

It is a common misconception that heavy loads on the floors cause most flooring problems, and so it cannot be prevented. If you are building a new plant or shop floor there are steps that will help to prevent most flooring problems. For existing flooring problems we will discuss how to fix the problems and prevent the problems from getting worse.

Causes of Cracking and Potholes in Shop Floors

Most concrete flooring problems are caused by one of the following:

  1. Improper installation of the concrete, or poor concrete
  2. Improperly cut expansion joints
  3. Steel and hard rubber tires eroding unfilled expansion joints, random cracks and potholes
  4. Chemical attack

Proper installation of Concrete in New Plant and Shop Floors

For new construction make sure you specify and get high quality high strength concrete. Create a box-out form around beams, pipes and other penetrations that go through your floor. Be sure that the corner of your box-outs line up with the saw-cut joints that you will be putting in the floor. Penetrations through the concrete cause a “weakened plain”. A weakened plane is typically created at the shortest distance between the box-outs. That is typically from the corner of one boxed out area to the next closest boxed out area.

Do not allow your concrete finisher to over finish your concrete. Concrete finishers tend to over-finish concrete because they are concerned that if they don’t the owner will not like it. Over-finished concrete does look better than properly finished concrete until the over finished starts to deteriorate. The deterioration cause by over finished concrete typically does not take very long to occur.

The best finishing of concrete leaves it flat, but does not bring up the “cream” in the concrete. It will not look as shinny and smooth but concrete that is not over finished will look more attractive and be more functional over time. Bringing up the “cream” in the concrete is done by over working the mix or adding too much water or adding water to the batch. The “cream” consists of dust from the aggregate and Portland cement.

This “cream” creates a great looking finish at first, because it is so weak, it chips easily. This “cream” has too high a water content so you tend to get micro-cracking in the surface. When your concrete finisher is power troweling your concrete and starts splashing water into the surface as he is finishing it he is about to over trowel the concrete and bring up the cream. It is time to get the concrete finisher to stop troweling.

Water curing of the concrete is what most state highway departments require to cure concrete bridge decks. Wet curing is favored over other methods by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Wet curing will help to stop the top of your concrete from drying out too fast. If you cure with a curing compound instead of water, you will need to remove the curing compound to install high quality coatings and sealers.

Proper curing will help to prevent “curling” of the concrete slab, and help to prevent micro-cracking (crazing) of the surface. Curling is caused when the top dries and shrinks before the concrete underneath dries and shrink. This works much like a bimetallic strip used in a thermostat, the concrete will twist upwards or curl. Proper curing helps to prevent concrete curling and the cracking that will result from it. Another major advantage of wet cured concrete that is not over finished is that there is much less surface preparation required when you go to coat or seal it.

Cut expansion joints often enough, wide enough, and deep enough. Typically the best way to cut concrete down to 16 foot by 16 foot squares or even smaller. The larger the spacing between saw cut joints the more likely you are to get a random crack where you do not want it. The concrete should be cut-up as square as possible. Care should be taken that all the saw cut joints line up with each other in a checkerboard pattern. Be sure the cut is at least 1/3 of the way through the slab, and that the cracks are 1/4 inch or wider. That way all the plastic shrinkage (drying) cracking should occur under the saw-cut relief joint.

Using Epoxy to Protect New Plant Shop Floors

Seal or coat the concrete to protect it against wear and chemicals. Product #223 Water Based Curing Compound, Sealer and Bonding Agent is a two component water based epoxy curing that is used to both cure and seal concrete. Product #223 is an excellent choice for installers that want a long pot life product that is easy to use. Product #223 is an excellent choice as a sealer where waiting 28 days to seal the concrete is not an option. Product #223 can be installed as early as early as 7 days after the concrete is poured. Giving you early protection.

Allow the concrete to dry for 28 days so that most of the shrinkage at the expansion joint has taken place. Clean the crack thoroughly, then install a bond breaker “rope” in the bottom of the joint. Then fill the joints with Product #11 Saw-Cut Control Joint Product #11 Saw-Cut Control Joint Filler is a 100% solids zero (0) VOC, flexible epoxy joint filler for saw-cut joints of concrete slabs on grade, or to repair existing slabs.Random cracks and improperly filled expansion joints are where the potholes in plant/shop floors are born. As steel and hard rubber wheels pass over these unfilled cracks and joints it hammers the edge of the crack in the direction of the travel. This action cause small chips. As the process continues small chips become larger chips. Soon you have a small pot hole and the damage continues to accelerate. Product #11 Saw-Cut Control Joint Filler absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges. Product #11 prevents the “jack-hammer” effect on the joint that you are traveling towards. This will help prevent most if not all of the “pot-hole” effect that most plant floors see developing at their expansion joint over time.

If you want to seal your floor using a 100% solids epoxy use Product #899 – for sealing the concrete. also has a wide variety of shop floor coatings and trowel down systems. Contact Technical Support Department with your specific needs for a recommendation.

Repairing Random Cracks in Floors with Methyl Methacrylate

Random cracking in plant / shop floors can easily and economically be repaired with Product #685 Liquid MMA Polymer Crack Repair Resin a penetrating gravity feed crack healer for concrete. It is a two component Methyl Methacrylate resin system that polymerizes in place. The extremely low viscosity will penetrate into concrete cracks as fine as 0.003 inches. Product #685 welds the crack back together making the concrete as strong as it was before it cracked.Repairing a Shop / Plant Floor with Epoxy After it is Damaged.

For those who have already built their buildings you can still fill all the joints especially in the traffic areas with Product #11 – Filling the joints with Product #11 will prevent additional potholes from forming in areas where there are none yet. To fill the “potholes” in level areas you will typically want Product #25 – Product #25 is a 100% solids epoxy resin and specially selected aggregate system. Units are preproportioned for ease of mixing and use on the jobsite. Product #25 is a flowable, self-leveling grout, with handling and physical characteristics superior to similar grouts. Product #25 is conveniently packaged and makes “pothole” repair in your shop/plant floor quick, easy, and economical. The Product 25 is the best material when you are looking for a convenient packaging and is easy to use for small jobs.

For larger projects or surfaces that have a slope so you cannot use a self leveling material should use Product #10 – and Product #82 Mortar Blend Aggregate. With the right mixing equipment you can put up to 100 pounds of #82 into 1 mixed gallon of Product #11. That gives you a nice stiff mix, and excellent economy. Product #10 is a low-mod material, with high strength. That makes it perfectly suited for outdoor patching. Product #10 is the best material for most large jobs.

If you cannot allow overnight for your epoxy patching material to cure you will want to use Product #680 Polymer Concrete. Product #680 is a methyl methacrylate reactive resin concrete used for repair of concrete structures with a minimum of downtime. Product #680 develops strength rapidly. Product #680 Polymer Concrete can be put in service in as little as one hour even at temperatures below freezing. The Product #680 polymer concrete produces extremely high strengths and is chemical resistant. Product #680 is prepackaged for easy mixing and placing at the job site. Product #680 Polymer concrete cures hard in about 1 hour, allowing for quick turnaround of the area being patched. Product #680 is the best material when you need the patch to set in about an hour.

If the concrete has a lot of pitting in it, you can apply a “scratch-coat”. A “scratch-coat” is done as follows:

1. Carefully measure epoxy resin and hardener. Mix for 3 minutes.

2. Add aggregate to the mixed resin and hardener above, and mix completely.

3. Pour out the epoxy resin hardener and aggregate blend onto the concrete.

4. Then pull a very tight troweled coat over the entire surface, filling the low spots while scraping as much epoxy resin and aggregate material as possible away from the high spots.

The material for a “scratch-coat” is with Product #10 – and Product #78 Self-Leveling filler. Product #10 and Product #82 mortar blend aggregate is the best blend for building ramps and smoothing uneven transitions between slabs.

Just because your floor is already damaged by chemicals, doesn’t mean it is too late. Most floors can be saved with proper patching (as
discussed above) and a chemical resistant flooring system installed over the patching system. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

Additional Related Reading

The installation of these materials above are beyond the scope of this page. Here are some areas to explore this in more detail:

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Chips Flooring Product #695 BPO Hardener for Methlyl Methacrylate (MMA)

October 20, 2010 Product #695

Methyl Methacrylate Hardener (Hardening Powder – BPO)

Description Product #695 Hardener Powder (BPO) for MMA Flooring
Systems is for use with Products #691, #692, #693,
#697, #698 & #699. Product #695 Hardener Powder (BPO) for MMA Flooring Systems dosing can be changed due to temperature and desired set time / working time. Product #695 must be well mixed with MMA before adding any
other aggregates and fillers.  After mixing the Product #695
Hardening Powder into  MMA the polymerization reaction which
leads to the hardening of the MMA begins.

Composition Product #695 is a white dry powder consisting of 50% BPO,

Technical Data

Appearance Sandy, white dry powder
Content of Dibenzoylperoxide andDicydohexlphtalate Approximately 50%
Self-accelerating decomposition temperature  140° F
Self-ignition temperature >680°F
Solubility Not soluble in water


5 lbs 1gallon Pail
15 lbs 3 gallon Pail
55 lbs Box

Use Product #695 MMA Hardener Powder must be mixed just immediately
before the application of MMA. All other powders and fillers must
be added after Product #692 and the MMA resin have been well mixed
together. A dosing chart is shown below.  Be sure to double check with
the individual technical data sheets for the MMA you are mixing
with Product #692.

Caution Product #692 is an oxidizing agent that violently decomposes
under the influence of heat or when it comes in contact with deducing
agents.  Do Not mix With Accelerators. 
Store separately from MMA resins.  Review MSDS information
completely before using this or any other Products.


Store in tight containers in dry environments below 80°F.

Mix Ratios

#691 MMA Primer 30°F 12.7
40°F 9.0
50°F 7.5
60°F 5.5
70°F 3.5
90°F 1.8
#692 MMA Flexible Membrane   40° F 8.0
50°F 7.0
60°F 5.0
70°F 5.0
90°F 3.0-4.0 #693 MMA                 40°F 5.5
50°F 4.5
60°F 3.5
70°F 2.0
90°F 1.0-2.0

For more information Contact:

Norm Lambert
President &
Director of Technical Support
Epoxy Systems, Inc
Available by Phone M-F 9AM-4PM Eastern Time (6 AM – 1 PM Pacific Time)
352-533-2167 (Voice)
352-465-3497 (fax)
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August 23, 2010

Epoxy Garage Flooring Systems

Highest Quality Most Durable Garage Flooring Systems

Seamless Flooring and Seamless Epoxy Coatings – At Highly Affordable Prices offers a wide variety of Epoxy Garage Flooring products. We combine these products with related technologies, to
provide a wide variety of solutions to your Epoxy Garage Flooring needs.

Every Epoxy Garage Floor job is slightly different. The needs of each individual owner of the soon to be installed Epoxy Garage Floor has specific needs. The minimum requirement for all Epoxy Garage Floor Systems that offers is that, when properly installed, are highly durable.
Selection of product needs will also need to balance the following needs:

  • Your surface preparation requirements and conditions
  • Your Aesthetic Requirements
  • Your Budget Requirements.



  • Parking garage decks, and ramps
  • Shop and warehouse floors
  • Floors where food processing occurs
  • Columns and beams
  • Residential Epoxy Garage Floors
  • Whenever new or old concrete must be protected from the effects of chloride ion penetration, free water, water-born contaminants, freezing and thawing, petroleum products, and abrasion.

Epoxy Garage Floor Sealing Systems give you the most “bang for the buck”. They are low cost, easy to use and very durable. offers this system in two Product #223 Water Based Curing Compound, Sealer and Bonding Agent is a two component water based epoxy curing that is used to both cure and seal concrete and to bond freshly placed concrete to existing concrete.


  • Water based – Low V.O.C.
  • Excellent Adhesion to Damp Concrete
  • Prevents Intrusion of water, salts and chlorides
  • Easy to use 1 to 1 mix ratio
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • Long Pot life
  • No Reduction Needed For Spraying
  • Easy Water Cleanup Product #870 Epoxy Sealer is a two-component penetrating epoxy sealer (with very high solids) designed for superior protection of new concrete or for prolonging the serviceability of partially-deteriorated concrete. The sealer is a low to medium viscosity material and is capable of providing an effective membrane barrier to inhibit moisture migration and corrosive chemical penetration. In the cured state Product #870 allows moisture vapor transmission; it seals off moisture entry but still allows the concrete to breath. When applied to concrete placed and finished in accordance with standards defined in ACI 201 (Guide to Durable Concrete), Product #870 realy improves wear resistance of the concrete surface, slows down the corrosion of reinforcing steel and adds many years’ life to the structure. Poduct #870 has a solids content of 50% after curing. It may be applied to dry surfaces at temperatures of 40°F (0°C) or above.


  • High Solid Content – makes the product very cost effective
  • Prevents Intrusion of water, salts and chlorides
  • Easy to use 1 to 1 mix ratio
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • Quick Setting
  • Can be Reduced if required

Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems are perhaps the most versatile of all Epoxy Garage Floor Systems. Properly installed they are not effected by hot tires. Properly installed Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems will last for generations. It may very well be the last Epoxy Garage Floor Coating that you will ever have to install.

  • Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a smooth ceramic like finished Epoxy Garage Floor.
  • Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed with the addition of an anti-skid which is available in both fine and course.
  • The 100% Solids Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a single broadcast system.
    This will create a Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems that is about 1/16 inch thick.
  • The 100% Solids Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems can be installed as a double or even triple broadcast system. Each broadcast adds about 1/16 inch to the total thickness. has hundreds of products. So there are too many possible Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems
to list them all here. The products that are most commonly used to create Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems are:

  • Product #1 AllPurpose Coating – a 100% solids epoxy Hi-Build epoxy coating used for high foot and light to moderate forklift and indoor vehicular traffic areas where abrasion resistance is required; for protection against mild corrosion; and as a decorative waterproof coating for Epoxy Garage Floors, steel and concrete tanks, etc Available in normal, fast, and Cold Temperature Cure versions. Can be used for all 4 types of Solid Colored Epoxy Floor Coating Systems listed above. This product is available in 15 standard colors plus black and white, for a total of 17 standard colors. Zero(0) VOC Epoxy.
  • Product #2 Chemical Resistant Coating – a two component, 100% solids epoxy chemical resistant coating used to protect chemical
    concrete, steel and other structural materials from non-oxidizing acids and alkalines for both interior and exterior applications. Available in normal, fast, and Cold Temperature Cure. Can be used for all 4 types of Solid Colored Epoxy Floor Coating Systems listed above. This product is available in 15 standard colors plus black and white, for a total of 17 standard colors. Zero (0) VOC Epoxy.
  • Product #222 Water Based Epoxy – Product #222 WATER BASED EPOXY COATING is a two component 100% reactive water based multifunctional epoxy resin coating. Product #222 is manufactured to produce the utmost in performance in a safe, water borne coating. Product #222 provides excellent resistance to salt intrusion, and excellent adhesion to most common construction substrates. Stock color for this product is gray. It is available in white, black and other shades of gray with a large enough order and enough lead time. Best if used for high build coating systems. Not as nearly as good for broadcast systems as Product #1, Product #2, or Product #315NH. Water cleanup, makes this the easiest of all Solid Colored Epoxy Garage Floor Systems.
  • #315NH is a 100%solids, moisture-insensitive epoxy coating. EPOXY.COM #315NH mixed at 2 :1 by volume ratio, produces an excellent coating for dry or damp concrete, wood, or steel surfaces. #315NH is available in a summer grade and winter grade formulation. It can be used as a stand alone coating or as a base coat for chip floor. The only stock color for Product #315NH is gray. No part of the Product #315NH is considered a hazmat for shipping purposes, so it can be shipped by most standard shipping methods, and to most countries. It is available in white, black and other shades of gray with a large enough order and enough lead time. Can be used for all 4 types of Solid Colored Epoxy Floor Coating Systems listed above. Zero
    (0) VOC Epoxy. Not a Hazmat to ship.

Epoxy Garage Chip Flooring Systems

Arguably the most cost effective, durable, and attractive Epoxy Garage
Flooring System available to day is Chip
Flooring System
. Multi-Colored Epoxy Garage Floors have a special role to
play in interior design. The heavy technical demands made on floors often make
the use of certain decorative products simply impossible. The use of color
chips can change all that! Color chips are increasingly being used in
combination with “wet” products such as Product #315 Polymeric
Multi-Colored Chip Floor Resurfacing System
to create decorative floors
with more to offer than other ornamental products…Quality! Due to their easy
application, these products can be used by both professionals and skilled
do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Note: This product is not available in retail (off the shelf)
outlets. It is only available from select authorized applicator/distributors
or directly from, who will give you the technical support that
you need to install it properly. Get the
Be sure it has the logo on the label.

Epoxy Garage Flooring – Quartz Epoxy Garage Flooring with Quartz –, is a highly durable and
economical Epoxy Garage Flooring System that is rugged enough for even the
most demanding commercial applications of Epoxy Garage Flooring.

The backbone of the Epoxy Garage Flooring
system with Quartz is Product #15. Product #15 has been used
in demanding applications for over 30 years. It can be found in high
school bathrooms where it was installed in the late 70’s. The very
floors that were installed in the 70’s have shown virtually no wear and no
yellowing. You cannot do say that about typical Epoxy Quartz Flooring

Summary believes in the Right Product for the Right Job. You do not have to accept a cookie cutter solution
to your Epoxy Garage Floor. We offer many options. Above we are just a few possible solutions. Please call
Technical Support at 352-533-2167 and let us help you design the right system for your Epoxy Garage Floor.

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Coal Tar Epoxy FAQ

August 16, 2010

Below are some of the questions that have been emailed to Norm Lambert at and some of his answers.

Have a question for  If so, please email Technical Support.

For use in potable water?

Q: “ Product #210 Coal Tar
says on its technical data sheet that it  meets the
performance criteria for the American Water Works Association Specification C-210.  Does that mean I can coat the inside of my steel potable water tank with it?”

Norm Lambert: No.  To use on the inside
of your tank you will need NSF or UL approval for direct contact with
drinking water.  American Water Works Association Specification C-210
deals with the standard for coating the outside of a tank with an Epoxy.

Which Coal Tar Epoxy is Best?

I notice that has two different Coal tar Epoxies: Product #210 Product #216. Which one is the best?

Norm Lambert: The reason we make the two versions is so that you have a choice for which one is Right Product for Your Job. Both products will hold up for long periods of time, when other products will not. Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating meets all requirements of Corp. of Engineers C-200, Federal Specification DOD-P-23236 (SHIPS), and SSPC 16-91. Product #210 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating meets American Water Works Association Specification C-210.  So if you are working a job with one of these specifications, that will determine which Coal Tar Epoxy is right for your job. Product #216  Coal Tar Epoxy Coating is 86% Solids, so there is some solvent odor when working with it. However, the solvent gives you a longer working time. Product #210 Coal Tar Epoxy is 100% solids, so it is Zero (0) VOC – no solvents.  So Product #210 meets even the strictest VOC requirements.  That means that you have no odor, but you will have a shorter “pot life”.

Still confused as to which one to use email Technical Support
or give them a call at 352-533-2167.

Norm Lambert
President & Director of Technical Support
Epoxy Systems, Inc
Florida & Vermont USA
Available by Phone M-F 9AM-4PM Eastern Time (6 AM – 1 PM Pacific
352-533-2167 (Voice)
352-465-3497 (fax)

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[Online Ordering Authorization Form] Epoxy Tile Grout and Epoxy Tile Adhesive Questions

August 13, 2010

Below are some of the questions that have been emailed to Norm Lambert at and some of his answers.
Have a question for  If so, please email Technical Support.

Can Epoxy Tile Grout and Epoxy Tile Adhesive be added to
conventional grout?

Q: “Can I add Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive
to my own tile grout?”

Norm Lambert: No, sorry! Product #225  is Water
Cleanable Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive is water cleanable not water based. Product #225 is 100% solids epoxy that
is mixed with select strong dry fillers to give you a true 100% solids epoxy
grout. Product #225 contains no
Portland Cement. Product #225 is
waterproof and highly stain and chemical resistant. Product #225
  will not support mold and mildew growth.
Bottom line is that Product #225 is as
easy to maintain (perhaps even easier) as the tile you are grouting and/or
bonding with it. Product #225 comes in
regular grade as well as wall grade.

Norm Lambert
President & Director of Technical Support
Epoxy Systems, Inc
Florida & Vermont USA
Available by Phone M-F 9AM-4PM Eastern Time (6 AM – 1 PM Pacific
352-533-2167 (Voice)
352-465-3497 (fax)

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[Online Ordering Authorization Form] Table Top & Casting Epoxy Resin Resin

August 10, 2010

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A customer Asks: “I am looking to do my bar top.  Can I stain it with polyurethane before I install Product #214  100% Solids Epoxy Casting Tabletop and Bar Top Resin?”

Answer: It is always better to bond the Product #214100% Solids Epoxy Casting Tabletop and Bar Top Resin directly to the substrate so you will get the strongest possible bond.  However, if you must stain you should use a stain that does not waterproof the substrate.  Of course you should always do a mockup if you plan to use any kind of stain.  Some people like to use Product #1  a two component, zero (0) VOC, 100% solids epoxy Hi-Build epoxy coating as a pigmented background. That way you have the strength of Epoxy, while getting a background color.


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