Epoxy on 316 Stainless

A customer writes:

“I’m an architect with a project under construction…

“There is a hazardous materials room in the building where various corrosive products will be stored. The materials are stored in the middle of the room on a large collection pan and the entire floor below that is constructed of stainless steel bar grating – held up off the concrete slab.

“Per the direction of the engineers we have required the contractor to essentially coat all the surfaces in the inside the room with your epoxy Novolac 633

“Now a question has come up about whether or not the 633 will adhere to stainless steel bar grating made from 316 stainless?

“Could you address that for us?”

My Answer:

That is an excellent question.  316 Stainless is very hard to bond to.  Many of our customers have had excellent luck with the following procedure however.

  1. If possible sandblast the stainless to get a profile.  If that is impossible grind/sand it the very best you can to create small scratches everywhere and remove the shine.
  2. Coat with Epoxy.com Product #660 Aluminum Filled Primer – www.epoxy.com/660.aspx . Allow to cure hard to the touch
  3. Apply 2 coats of Epoxy.com #633 or. 633W (Wall Grade).

For more information Contact:

Norm Lambert

or visit www.epoxy.com 

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