Underwater Epoxy in Small Quantities for a Limited Time

Splash Zone Epoxy and Underwater Epoxy Paste Product #2707 – https://www.epoxy.copm/Underwater_Epoxy_Paste_2707.aspx –  is a moisture-insensitive, two-component, 100% solids epoxy-resin system. Splash Zone Epoxy and Underwater Epoxy Paste Product #2707 is mixed at a 2:1 ratio, by volume, this product produces a paste-like material that is ideal for protection or restoration of concrete, steel and timber piles and other structural elements in marine environments.

We have some of this product made up right now.  So individual units are available while supplies last. Normally this is a special made to order material. 45 gallon minimum order required. Currently smaller quantity available while supplies last. Please check to see if we still have some left in small quantity.

Updated 11/29/17

Due to popular demand, we have made another limited stockpile of this material, that is available while supplies last.


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