Coal Tar Epoxy FAQ

Below are some of the questions that have been emailed to Norm Lambert at and some of his answers.

Have a question for  If so, please email Technical Support.

For use in potable water?

Q: “ Product #210 Coal Tar
says on its technical data sheet that it  meets the
performance criteria for the American Water Works Association Specification C-210.  Does that mean I can coat the inside of my steel potable water tank with it?”

Norm Lambert: No.  To use on the inside
of your tank you will need NSF or UL approval for direct contact with
drinking water.  American Water Works Association Specification C-210
deals with the standard for coating the outside of a tank with an Epoxy.

Which Coal Tar Epoxy is Best?

I notice that has two different Coal tar Epoxies: Product #210 Product #216. Which one is the best?

Norm Lambert: The reason we make the two versions is so that you have a choice for which one is Right Product for Your Job. Both products will hold up for long periods of time, when other products will not. Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating meets all requirements of Corp. of Engineers C-200, Federal Specification DOD-P-23236 (SHIPS), and SSPC 16-91. Product #210 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating meets American Water Works Association Specification C-210.  So if you are working a job with one of these specifications, that will determine which Coal Tar Epoxy is right for your job. Product #216  Coal Tar Epoxy Coating is 86% Solids, so there is some solvent odor when working with it. However, the solvent gives you a longer working time. Product #210 Coal Tar Epoxy is 100% solids, so it is Zero (0) VOC – no solvents.  So Product #210 meets even the strictest VOC requirements.  That means that you have no odor, but you will have a shorter “pot life”.

Still confused as to which one to use email Technical Support
or give them a call at 352-533-2167.

Norm Lambert
President & Director of Technical Support
Epoxy Systems, Inc
Florida & Vermont USA
Available by Phone M-F 9AM-4PM Eastern Time (6 AM – 1 PM Pacific
352-533-2167 (Voice)
352-465-3497 (fax)

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