What Epoxy for a Mechanical Room Floor.

August 18, 2010

I have a concrete mechanical room floor that I want to install a waterproof coating over. It has areas under it that I do not want to get wet. Due to the vibration I want to be sure we have good crack isolation for the concrete floor as well as being waterproof. Which Epoxy.com Coating System do you recommend?

Norm Lambert:

1.Prepare the concrete properly – www.epoxysystems.com/surfaceprep.aspx.

2. If there are any random cracks, repair them with Epoxy.com Product #685 – www.epoxysystems.com/685.htm MMA Polymer Crack Healer & Sealer. This material will weld the cracks back together structurally, making it as though the cracks never happened.

3. Fill any saw cut relieve joints with Epoxy.com Product #11 – www.epoxysystems.com/11.htm 100% Solids Epoxy Joint Filler.

4. Cold joints can be saw-cut and filled with Epoxy.com Product #11.  If cold joints are large enough, saw cutting may be optional.  Or if the cold joints are to be non-moving you can fill them with Epoxy.com Product #685.

5. Install 1 coat of Epoxy.com Product #899 –  www.epoxysystems.com/899.aspx  –  100% Solids Low-Mod Low Viscosity Zero (0) VOC Epoxy Primer at a rate of 250-300 SF per gallon per coat. Allow to dry overnight.

6. Install 2 coats of Epoxy.com Product #32 –www.epoxysystems.com/32.aspx – Epoxy.com Product #32 100% Solids Flexible Epoxy Membrane – Crack Isolation Epoxy. Allow to dry overnight after both coats.

7. Install 2 coats of Epoxy.com Product #2 – www.epoxy.com/2.htm – 100% Solids Epoxy Based Chemical Resistant Coating with an optional Epoxy Product#50 (small) or Product #51 (large) Anti-Skid additive. Epoxy.com Product#50 and #51 are polypropylene beads that mix with your Product #2 to produce the desired Anti-skid.  

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