Are 100% Solid Products Green?

How Environmentally Friendly Are Products?

Q: I am looking for information on the environmental impact of epoxy products, and since there seems to be very little useful information on the internet, I thought I should just ask a professional.’s 100% solid products (which are most of your product line) are included in many “Green” buildings.  The logic for that is this:

  1. 100% solid products have 0 VOCs.  So you are reducing the carbon emissions. 
  2. Typical 100% solid systems have done their job for decades, and there is no reason to believe they will not last for decades more.  I personally have jobs that I installed with them that go back as much as a third of a century, that are not even starting to show signs that they will need replacement.  That is the ultimate in reuse.
  3. There is no need to recycle a product that can be reused for decades. encourages our customers to order material as they need it and to use all their materials before their expiration.  That is why we do not require large stocking orders from new dealers, like most other companies.  We want our customers to use up material they buy from us and not have any for it run out of shelf life.  However, if products do run out of shelf life, they are typically mixed and cured before disposal as inert common trash.   

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