Epoxy.com Epoxy Tile Grout and Epoxy Tile Adhesive Questions

August 13, 2010

Below are some of the questions that have been emailed to Norm Lambert at
norm@epoxy.com and some of his answers.
Have a question for Epoxy.com?  If so, please email Epoxy.com Technical Support.

Can Epoxy.com Epoxy Tile Grout and Epoxy Tile Adhesive be added to
conventional grout?

Q: “Can I add Epoxy.com Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive
to my own tile grout?”

Norm Lambert: No, sorry! 
Epoxy.com Product #225  is Water
Cleanable Tile Grout and Tile Adhesive is water cleanable not water based. 
Epoxy.com Product #225 is 100% solids epoxy that
is mixed with select strong dry fillers to give you a true 100% solids epoxy
grout.  Epoxy.com Product #225 contains no
Portland Cement.  Epoxy.com Product #225 is
waterproof and highly stain and chemical resistant.
Epoxy.com Product #225
  will not support mold and mildew growth.
Bottom line is that Epoxy.com Product #225 is as
easy to maintain (perhaps even easier) as the tile you are grouting and/or
bonding with it. Epoxy.com Product #225 comes in
regular grade as well as wall grade.

Norm Lambert
President & Director of Technical Support
Epoxy Systems, Inc
Florida & Vermont USA
Available by Phone M-F 9AM-4PM Eastern Time (6 AM – 1 PM Pacific
352-533-2167 (Voice)
352-465-3497 (fax)

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July 30, 2010

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