Take your Pet to Work Week

June 13, 2014


Two Canine Members of the Epoxy.com Office Staff.

Two Canine Members of the Epoxy.com Office Staff.

Take your pet to work week is June 16-20. Take your dog to work day is June 20th

Every day is “take your pet to work day” in the offices of Epoxy.com. We believe the bond between pet and owner is a special one. Pet owners who have their pet with them during the day at work (in a pet safe environment) don’t have to worry about how their pet is doing at home alone. Besides the owners of the company want to take their pets to work with them so it is only fair.

Epoxy Products for Pet Facilities


Epoxy.com products have been used successfully for decades in pet intensive areas. Epoxy.com Product #2 – www.epoxy.com/2.aspx is used by the US Department of Homeland Security for Canine Training Facilities and Kennels. Product #2, Epoxy.com Quartz Flooring – www.epoxy.com/15.aspx and Epoxy.com Chip Flooring – www.epoxy.com/chips.aspx are being used extensively in:


Dog Wash Room at Swannee River Rendezvous Campground. Product #1W on the Walls. Epoxy.com Chip Flooring on the floors.

  1. Veterinary Hospitals
  2. Vet Operating Rooms
  3. Kennel Facilities
  4. Do-it-yourself Pet Washing Area
  5. Pet Grooming Shops
  6. Pet Day Care Centers
  7. Pet Boarding Facilities
  8. Dog Walking and Training Facilities
  9. Private Homes, where pet friendly is a priority
  10. And More

Epoxy.com Product #2 and Epoxy.com Chip Flooring are easy to clean, and easy to disinfect. They typically are applied with just enough anti-skid so the animals don’t slip. Even with the anti-slip properties they are still mop-able and easy to clean.

Order your Epoxy.com Product for your pet area, and authorize the order between June 15th and June 20th and receive 5% of the cost of your Epoxy.com Topcoat. To get this discount you must mention “Take Your Pet to Work Week Special”.





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